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 Being a full time Independent Recording Engineer/ Producer was a dream come true. I did not realize how far I could take it as a career becoming a producer, but the road leads you to becoming a freelance professional. After starting in 1979 in a small market studio called Fleetwood Recording in Revere, Massachusetts, that is where I got my start. Recording and editing  voice overs, local radio jingles and the rock bands even remote recordings. One great advantage is we were always recording live musicians, that's where trial and error takes place and learn the "Art of A Session". I really likes the people who were part of that studio, I worked there for over four years. Sound Design was my next studio I worked at. There we recorded local rock bands, Joe Perry came in once to record a solo, it was cool. I got tons of experience working sessions there. Eventually I realized that moving to Los Angeles was inevitable. Wanting to expand my opportunities to work and learn from best engineers, and studios in the world LA was my future. In 1985 I had that  opportunity to go and I moved. There was no looking back.  I landed an assistant engineer position at Sound Castle Studio it was so very exciting. I had a great understanding of the console at the studio and I was hired. After a year or so, I was aware of a new renovation in Hollywood at A&M Studios. A legendary A&M record label, a famous recording studios located on what was called "The Lot". It was his home and original sound stage studio of Charlie Chaplin. The studio had five of the best studios of any facility on the planet.  Each studio on it's own complexity to it, Learn all five was my goal since they were remodeling each one while I was there was a front row view. The tech staff where some of the best around. You had to be on your toes and ready for incredible long hours with a good attitude to work there. It was the music business and everyone took it serious. Here I am today in 2022 and I'm still at it and still love it. This journey continues, meeting new people all of the time and working in a studio is a great place to be. Watching the band perform in the studio from a control room chair, there is nothing like it. Come visit.

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